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Implementation of Certification of Tourism Businesses

In order to implement the terms of Government Regulation Number 52 of 2012 on Business Certification in Tourism Sector (“GR 52/2012”), the Minister of Tourism setsthe Minister of Tourism and Creative Economic Regulation Number 1 of 2014 on Implementation of Certification of Tourism Business (“Minister Regulation 1/2014”).Under Article 1 number 2 of Minister Regulation 1/2014,…
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New Procedures on Granting Business Permits of Industrial Area and Permits of Expansion of Industrial Area

Background In implementing the Government Regulation No. 24 Year 2009 on Industrial Area ("GR No. 24/2009"), the government promulgates the Regulation of the Minister of Industrial of Republic of Indonesia Number 05/M-IND/PER/2/2014 ("Permenperin No. 5/2014") to regulate business permits of industrial area ("BP Industrial Area") and permits of expansion of industrial area ("PE Industrial Area").…
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Annual Business Plan on Limited Liability Company

Annual Business Plan on Limited Liability Company (“Business Plan”) is regulated under Chapter 4 of Law No.40 of 2007 on Limited Liability Company (“Company Law”). Under Article 63 of the Company Law, the board of directors shall prepare the Business Plan prior to the commencement of the upcoming accounting year. This Business Plan contains annual…
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