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Responsibility of Limited Liability Companies’ Shareholder

The regulation of Limited Liability Companies is regulated under the Law No. 40 of 2007 (“Company Law”). The Company Law determines provision of the responsibility of company’s shareholder According to Article 3 (1) of Company Law, the shareholder of Limited Liability Companies (“Company”) are not personally liable for legal relationships entered into on behalf of…
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Inspection of Companies

Backgound According to Article 138 paragraph (1) Law Number 40 of 2007 on Limited Liability Companies (“Company Law”), Inspection toward a Company may be performed with the purpose of obtaining data or information regarding suspicion that a Company has committed acts which violate the law and are detrimental to shareholders or third parties; or if…
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Limited Liability Companies as a Legal Entity which is Established Under the Agreement

Definition of Limited Liability Companies according Article 1 paragraph 1 of Law Number 40 of Year 2007 (“Company Law”), stated:   “Limited Liability Company” hereinafter called a (“Company”) means a legal entity which constitutes an alliance of capital established pursuant to a contract in order to carry on business activities with an authorized capital all…
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Pledge of Shares

Law Number 40 of 2007 on Limited Liability Company ("Company Law") only recognizes the classification of registered shares. However, Article 53 paragraph (1), (2) and (3) of Company Law states that, the Articles of Association may determine more than one classification of shares. If there is more than one classification of shares, then the Articles…
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Steps Of Company Liquidation

Background Definition of Liquidation according to Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia is “the winding up of Company as a legal entities that includes the payment of obligation to all creditors and distribution of remaining assets to the shareholders (Company)”. The main purpose of liquidation is to perform any legal action and settlement of Company’s assets which…
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