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Requirement For Commercial Banks To Undertake Business Activities In Foreign Currency

Circular letter of the head of Banking Research and Regulation Department of Bank Indonesia Number 15/27/DPNP of 19 July 2013 (hereinafter referred to as ‘Circular No. 15/27/DPNP’) regulates provisions on requirements for commercial banks to undertake business activities in foreign currency. The provisions in Circular No. 15/27/DPNP start to apply on 19 July 2013. Therefore, Circular…
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The Records and Depository of Company’s Document

The provisions regarding records and depository of Company’s Document is set under Law Number 8 of 1997 on Company’s Document (“Law No.8/1997”). One of the considerations to form Law No.8/1997 is to guarantee that the company’s operation isefective and efficient, which is one of the basis of national development policy in the field of economy.…
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